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Tan Touch-up Pen by No More Tan LinesTM

For the Perfect Tan

Instantly conceal and blend your irregular tan lines and uneven skin tones.  Simply roll the Tan Touch-up Pen over your existing tan lines and irregular skin tones for immediate coverage, resulting in the perfect tan and complexion! A combination of cosmetic bronzers instantly conceals and blends your tan lines away. Then, a long-term, self tanning, streak-free bronzer gives you up to 7 days of extended coverage, after application.

Obtain that extreme tan and smooth, silky skin with No More Tan Lines.


The Tan Touch-up Pen comes in a light/medium tone.


For darker tans and skin tones, simply allow the initial application to dry (approx. 90 seconds) and re-apply over the first application.


Application can be blended to "individual preference" using a circular motion, with the tip of the finger.  Allow to air-dry, and the process is complete.


- String Bikini Lines

- Sensitive Areas

- Uneven and Irregular Tans

- Uneven and Irregular Skin Tone
- Indoor and Sunless Tanning
- Makeovers
- Add to your Makeup Kit

- Around the Hairline and Neckline

- Strap Lines

- Around the Eyes, Ears and Nose

- Sock Lines

- Underside of Arms

- Sandal/Flip-Flop Lines

- Around the Hairline

- Watchband Tan

** Each pen is individually shrink-wrapped to ensure quality and safety.  


Only $14.95(plus S+H)

Wholesale/Retail Opportunities Available!

Top Sunless Tanning Cosmetic Makeover Tip


After spending time soaking up the sun’s rays, or visiting your local tanning salon, we are left with those irregular or uneven tan lines.  Oftentimes, our skin also tans at different rates, leaving you with uneven skin tones.  Approximately 1 out of 200 people will also have a condition known as Virtiligo, a depigmentation disorder where the skin tone and color has become uneven and patchy.


There are many choices available in addressing the outward appearance of these irregular tan lines, uneven skin tones and skin conditions, such as spending additional time in the sun and daily use of cosmetics.  Cosmetic reviews are continually being updated to bring you the latest in cosmetology and skincare.  Such as, in extreme cases of permanent skin discoloration, medical tattooing or micro-pigmentation are being used. Ink colors can be matched to individual skin tones and shades, allowing all manner of discolorations to be filled and blended with the surrounding areas.


Keep in mind that typical daily use cosmetics never actually dry, they tend to smear, smudge and rub-off on your clothing.


For longer-term, streak-free coverage, without the damaging effects of the sun, or the permanence of medical tattooing and micro-pigmentation, seek an application containing DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and a short-term cosmetic bronzer. 


The cosmetic bronzer, also great for home tanning and beach tanning touch-up, gives immediate coverage of the errant tan lines and uneven skin tones, allowing the user to see the coverage area.  The cosmetic bronzer will wash off while bathing or during aquatic activities.


The long-term DHA component will give the user 5-7 days of lasting coverage.  DHA is a derivative of the sugar cane plant and was discovered in the 1920’s.  It is also approved by the FDA for topical use in humans.  DHA is the primary ingredient in all sunless tanning solutions used around the world.


This sunless tanning cosmetic item compliments all spray tans and tanning lotions and comes in a convenient and easy to use lipstick-sized container, making it easy to fit into any purse, cosmetic bag, pocket, or beach bag.  Cosmetic choices will continue to grow and expand as we seek the perfect tan, skin tone and complexion.

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